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If you use the lower dryers, you get an extra minute for every quarter you put in, as a reward for bending down.

Complimentary dryer sheets are located near the change machine. They help cut down on the static!

Large-capacity washers use half as much soap and cause less wear on your clothes, compared to the kinds with an agitator

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Welcome to the Transformation-Surprise Laundromat!

This Ballard laundromat features 4 large 40 lb capacity front loader washers, ideal for big loads, comforters, sleeping bags; 7 new 20 lb capacity front load washers with very high extraction speed to reduce drying time; 5 top-load washers, and 14 high efficiency front-load dryers.

We welcome self-serve customers and we do drop off laundry!
Need your clothes laundered, but don't have time to wash them yourself? Bring them here, and we'll wash, dry, fluff and fold them for you!

"Where your clothes are transformed like new"

Stota & Daulot Fountain

5505-8th Ave. NW
Seattle WA 98107
Tel. 206-789-5004

Open 7 days a week at 6:30am
Closed 6pm Sun. & Wed. (last wash 5pm)
Closed 9pm Mon, Tue, Thu, Fri & Sat. (last wash 8pm)


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